How we processed Peanut Namkeen


India agriculture economy rank among top three producers and exporters of the ground nuts in the world. They are sweet and crunchy nuts having enhanced shelf life are a preferred choice of major global markets. India grows its groundnuts during the monsoon from June to October the crop is harvested mainly by small and medium land holders using traditional seeds. India doesn’t grow any GM (genetically modified) variety of crown lands their harvests however get processed using advanced technologies. India use state of the art machinery to process ground nuts which follow the principle of GMP integrated with HACCP the process adopted requires either no or bare minimum human touch. Quality control begins even before procurement. Market stocks are inspected for wholesomeness best infestation moisture free fatty acids and aflatoxin contents. Selected stock go through a stringent pre cleaning to remove extraneous matters. This is followed by decortications that convert intact pods into a mixture of hone and split kernels sound mature kernels are sorted out by rejecting shell pieces immature and split kernels and unbroken path further impurities if any gets removed at the mainline by metal detectors and D-stoners discolored kernels with high contents of harmful after toxin are sidelined in the color sorting machine and remove the default peanut. After this process if any discolored kernel left over in the color salted material are handpicked and removed by the trained workers. Then the product is practically free from discolored broken or split kernels. Then the peanuts reach to the market. Peanuts are available in different shapes, size and color.

“Peanuts are a great source of protein, They also contain other healthy nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins”

Quality of Peanut we use

We use big and small size groundnuts depends on the products. Broken groundnuts are used in small quantity generally u will get to see big size intact groundnuts. We ensure that our product quality is maintained throughout the process. Proper cleaning before production is done by the trained workers.


naturano namkeen

Nutritional value of Peanut Processing

naturano namkeen

Processing of Peanut in the Factory


Nutritional value of peanuts after processing in factory

Chakhna Peanut Masala

Chakhna salted Peanut

naturano peanut salted

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